14 Tips for Creating Successful Adwords Campaigns

14 Tips for Creating Successful Adwords Campaigns

Adwords is a way of advertising on Google. Before you even start, it is wise to find out if people are searching on Google for your products or others like yours. If there are no searches for your product an Adwords campaign will be wasted. You can use Google’s Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool. This tool will tell you what keywords similar to yours have been searched for and how many times.

It also gives the cost of each keyword. This  allows you to choose your keywords for both number of searches and cost. Once you find out these details, your adwords campaign can get going, however if you are a newbie to the world of adwords take care that you don’t just allow your money to drain down a bottomless pit. Here are some tips to help you.


3 Ways SEO Marketing Can Help Your Business

When you have a website it is like having a really big advertisement for your service or products. But unless you get it right, this website may never be found by the people who could become your customers. There are millions of websites on the Internet and a good portion of them are likely to be offering the same things as you. Not all of them can show up on the first page of the search engines.

The problem is that most people who are searching for something on the Internet do not look past the first page of results that come up for their keyword. So your website may never be seen – unless you do some simple SEO marketing.

Here are three ways such marketing can help your business: –


How Web Design Plays an Important Part of Marketing

Many people think of web design as the visual aspect of what they see when they surf to a website. This is mostly the header graphics and sometimes the images and text they see on the first page. However, website design is much more than this and a lot of it is even hidden from view. Good design makes the website easy to navigate, giving the visitor an experience that is pleasant and simple.

If your visitors get annoyed because they can’t easily find what they want, they will soon click off your website and look elsewhere for what they want. So website design that is wrong in any way will soon lose potential customers. That is why it is important to get it right the first time around.

Get to the point

It is not just the ease of use that is important. Visitors like to know within a few seconds if your website offers them what they want. So text should be clear and to the point. Links should lead them to further information or to the product or service they want. They should be placed where it is easy for visitors to find, not hidden amongst unnecessary layers of text.

If most visitors get to your page by clicking on your ad, it should be a landing page set up with little information on it apart from what the ad was about, a contact link or a link to the page that shows your product. This page should then lead the customer easily to the checkout and they should be guided along each step of the way by obvious buttons that tell them what to do.


Why Social Marketing Works

Social marketing works because ultimately, people are social creatures who like to talk to each other and have their voice heard. Social marketing allows this interaction between business and consumers and it is virtually the only way it can occur.

It is pretty well impossible for an individual to phone or email a company and get a person who knows what they are talking about and can tell them what they need to know. And with many businesses outsourcing their enquiry department it is often very difficult to understand the accent of the person who answers the phone. And since so many people spend a lot of time on social media or online surfing, it is simply a great way to interact with them.

Social marketing also works because you have control over your time. You can schedule a certain amount of time per day to answer queries or to check out what people are saying, rather than being caught at a busy time on the phone or during a business meeting. It gives you more time to formulate a reply to questions when you can read what is written and think about the answer before typing it in. So in effect, it makes you more efficient and productive to go through social media for marketing.


Social Media Marketing Explained

Social media marketing (SMM) is a way of marketing goods or services using social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and so on. One way to do this is to have buttons for sharing on your website, then when someone finds what they want, they can immediately show it to all their friends. Very often the comments they make about a product or service go viral, so it is essential that what they say is good, rather than bad.

However, even if bad comments are posted it gives business owners the opportunity to get into the conversation to limit the damage or explain what the problem was and how it is being fixed. People love to feel that they are being heard and social media gives them a voice to comment or in some cases rave on about the product they love – or hate.

Some businesses think that even bad comments are good in that they stir interest as everyone jumps on board to see what the trouble is. If that trouble can then be resolved in a calm and lucid manner, it gives everyone a chance to see that the company is interested in what their customers need. This can be very good for the company and can actually help to establish their reputation as a business that cares about their customers.


Why Search Engines Frown on Black Hat SEO Marketing Techniques

To understand why search engines frown on Black Hat SEO marketing techniques, first you have to know exactly what they are. In general terms, black hat marketing is trying to hoodwink the search engines into placing your website high in their rankings so it will appear on the first page of the results for a given keyword.

There are many ways you can do this, but be warned; if the search engines catch onto it, your website could become history and you will lose any benefit you may have achieved with those extra customers or higher ranking.

Basically, search engines are in the business of helping people find what they want. If they don’t do this well, people will not want to use them. Black hat methods of marketing often lead searchers to websites that are spammy or that offer something they are not interested in – or to a website that does not give them the value that they could and should have found. They tend to blame the search engines rather than the website owner.


12 Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is one of the most popular ways to conduct business simply because it is quick and easy. Websites like AWeber and MailChimp make automation easy; you can schedule a whole host of emails to go out at certain times and dates, find and insert images more easily and even segment your customers in order to market to them more effectively.

However, not everyone can write email in a way that is effective. Businessmen and women may be super stars at running their business, but not at writing copy. They may get caught up with business and forget to get those emails out, or they may delegate to someone else who does. There are many ways to wreck what should be a good marketing strategy, so here are some tips to make the whole business easier.


How to Avoid Keyword Research with Adwords

If you have little time and hate keyword research you’re in luck because Google has Adwords Express. These are automatically generated adwords campaigns that you don’t have to do very much research to get them up and going. However, you do have to have your website set up and bringing in at least some traffic to start with. So how does Adwords Express work?

Keywords for categories

All you need to do is tell Google what keyword or keyword phrase you want to use. It is usually a broad match keyword so that the keywords Google generates automatically have a good chance of being the ones that are suitable for your product. Google then observes search trends about this keyword and automatically sets up a campaign based on that information. This is ideal for a niche that is large as it can bring in many keywords that people use to search for the product or service. For instance, if you do website design, that would be your keyword and Google would use similar ones such as ‘top website design’ and ‘website design company’. It is very accurate for a broad genre.

However, if you want to advertise in a narrow niche, it doesn’t seem to be as accurate as it doesn’t worry about negative keywords. That is, those keywords that sound the same but have a different meaning.  So people may click on your ad and use your budget up for no results, as they were after something quite different.  This problem can be minimised by taking care with your headline.


How Web Design Can Drive Your Marketing Strategy

Statistics show that a visitor to any website makes up their minds about it within the first five seconds. Sometimes it takes even less time than that. If your website looks spammy or unprofessional, most visitors will not convert to customers. There are many ways to get traffic, but once it lands on your website, good web design can keep it there longer.

Excellent website design can convert that traffic to paying customers and even, to repeat customers. This is usually what a business website aims to do. Unfortunately, many fail miserably at this goal. There are many components of a website that can make it attractive to visitors and convert them to happy customers. Having a page that load quickly and contains all the visitor needs to know without allowing any distraction from the end goal can be considered a successful one, especially if that website contains everything necessary to keep the customer safe and provide for their needs.

Don’t throw your budget down the drain

Using a professional website designer can be one way to ensure your business website is a success, but many people starting out are on a budget and try to do it all themselves. They are not likely to succeed unless they have some experience in design and website building. Unfortunately, businesspeople who are on a strict budget tend to choose cheap options with companies who offer a great deal but don’t come through with a great website.