2016 Social Marketing Trends

2016 Social Marketing Trends

2016 has been a great year for the development of social marketing techniques that will help people and companies use the social media to market their product. The people have realized that it is the only social media that can help broaden your market base as well as help in promoting more of your product. In this section we will take a look at the social marketing trends in the year 2016.

Increase in the number of Videos

The year of 2016 saw a huge increase in the number of videos that were embedded in the content. This is a positive point that you need to understand since embedding a video into your content will be beneficial for your marketing purposes. The video can either be an educational video, explainer videos along with entertaining videos.

Pay for exposure

This is a great method that was widely followed by most of the startups in 2016. They relied on pay for exposure for getting their content on the website exposed on social media. The pay for exposure works for social media marketing like on platforms like facebook who you need to pay for every hit you get. This type of social media marketing allows you to tackle only a specific kind of traffic whose conversion rate of traffic to customer rate is high.

Marketing Automation

Like the name suggests, you need to create an automated method for your marketing. You cannot always rely on sending emails to your customers. These marketing automations will help you create a better system that will help you target your audience on multiple channels simultaneously. You need to install this software so that you can keep track of the growing needs of your company as well as service the people around us.


2016 seen a huge rise in the social marketing trends that led people to use Facebook as their partner for media. Facebook is reported to have a growing age demographic over the age of 55. So if you want to get hold of this age group then you too need to market your product on Facebook.


One of the most important stand points is that users tend to search on social media sites for content since they are more comfortable with reading along with some visual aid. These users do not want to read a pile of documents they receive through search engines.

Mobile Marketing

This is also one of the most sought after methods for social media marketing. You need to understand that the clients you will be dealing with are mostly mobile and that is why you need to set up your page or SME for mobile use too. This way the customer can easily view your website.

These are some of the most useful hacks that were dominant in the year 2016. You need to implement these hacks for your business and take inspirations from these techniques to understand the clients better.