5 Online Marketing Tactics For Home Security Businesses Part 3

5 Online Marketing Tactics For Home Security Businesses Part 3

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

No online marketing strategy for local home security businesses would be complete without SEO. This is the means by which many of your other online marketing activities come together, so that it is your website that rises to the top of Google when someone searches for home security companies.

Of course, any SEO campaign needs to be carefully planned, prepared for property, implemented effectively, and managed strategically, and it also takes a degree of patience, as SEO trends and results are not an overnight phenomenon.

However, if done correctly, the results will start to happen, and when they do, the increase in traffic from improved search engine ranking can be dramatic.

We should maybe have put the words ‘done correctly’ in capital letters because out of every campaign which hits the mark, there are many which fall short. Not because SEO doesn’t work, but normally because the business owner either tried it themselves or got their in-house marketing team to do it without really knowing what they were doing- and if not done correctly, it is easy to make SEO mistakes that damage your rankings.

SEO is something that takes time, knowledge, experience and also a number of special tools and software, so if you want your SEO done correctly, employ an agency with a proven track record, and the required tools already in place.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an online marketing strategy that almost certainly your competition in the home security sector is either not using at all, or if they do, they are most likely not using it effectively.

That should come as great news to you because if you start to use email marketing as part of your overall sales and marketing strategy, you will have a huge advantage.

Bear in mind, not everyone searches for things online, not everyone spends time looking through websites online, and certainly, not everyone uses social media. However, almost everyone online has and uses email, and as a medium to communicate with either potential, or existing customers, it is ideal.

One great benefit is that you can segment the people who are your email subscribers so that they receive emails from you that are relevant to them. As such, the response to those emails is going to be better than if you simply send out blanket emails to everyone.

For example, you might send a series of emails to prospective clients about the merits of having a home security system fitted in their home, and complete that series with a special promotional offer.

It would be pointless sending those emails to customers who already had that same system fitted, so you would send them a different series, possibly about an upgrade, or an additional service that you offer.

Bear in mind, not all emails are promotional or trying to sell something. In fact, there are loads of different types of emails you can send such as useful advice, surveys, or you may even choose to create a regular email newsletter. All of these emails help to further enhance the relationship you have with those who receive them.

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