7 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing More Successful

7 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing More Successful

Many businesses send emails out to their customers, having offered some incentive for them to sign up first. We have all heard the old saying that the gold is in the list, but unless that list actually opens your email there won’t be any gold within sight.

There are many ways to make your email marketing more successful.

Here are 7 tips to help you.

  • As mentioned, getting those emails opened to start with can be a challenge. When an email comes into the inbox, all the recipient sees is the headline. So if you are having trouble getting your emails opened, you need to pay attention to what intrigues people. In fact, humour and mistakes that others make are two biggies. People love to laugh and if they know your email will do that for them, they will be eager to open it. They also like to know that other people made a boo-boo because it makes them feel better about doing similar things. Plus, it also makes them feel slightly superior if they haven’t made the same mistake.  So your email heading can be something outrageously funny or even just outrageous, or it can tell them what mistake you made and how you fixed it. Or perhaps you can recount a mistake someone else made and how you – and they – can avoid it.
  • Keep your email simple, short and to the point – including the joke, if you tell one. No one has time to read lots of unnecessary information. Your recipients have busy lives too, so respect this and send short notes with bullet points. For further information, include links they can click on if they want to.

  • Include images. They say an image is worth a thousand words, so you can say a lot with the right image. Make sure it is appropriate to the context. Visual appeal is important and the text should be broken up with an image or even a graph. However, go easy on the images because they take time to download. Each one should be compressed for this reason.
  • Don’t make a sales pitch in your email. Instead, give your recipients some valuable advice or information that they can use. You can also include links to further information or your landing page, but be sparing and don’t do it every time.
  • These days if your email does not contain an unsubscribe link it can be flagged as spam, so make sure there is a link for your readers to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email. This also gives them the feeling of control they like.
  • Be genuine. People are not stupid; they can spot a fake easily. When you speak from the heart people will listen and appreciate what you have to say. When you are honest and genuine people will understand that this is what your company is like and they will trust you and want to do business with you.
  • Make a personal reference now and again as this will ensure they view your email as coming as a real person like them, rather than just a business talking head with no personality or wish to be seen as real.

When you take into account all these tips, your email marketing should become more successful.