How Your Eyes can affect Your Business Image

How Your Eyes can affect Your Business Image

Every person who is in business should be aware of the fact that their appearance counts a great deal towards their success. While you don’t have to be the most beautiful woman or the handsomest man, if you present a sloppy appearance your business contacts will often disappear very quickly. While some people may rush out and get botox treatment for wrinkles, there are other things you can do to ensure your looks are working for and not against you in business.

The eyes are one of the most important parts of the face. They are what people look at when speaking to you. When a person never makes eye contact, they appear shifty and as if they cannot be trusted. That is why it’s important to ensure your eyes are always at their best. This means getting enough sleep at night so your eyes are not bloodshot and have no dark bags under them.

If you wear spectacles, it might be necessary to start wearing contact lenses instead, especially if you are still relatively young. Specs can make a young person look older, but often, it’s the design of the frames that is at fault. Heavy, dark coloured frames may be in fashion, but they certainly don’t suit every kind of face. Someone with a small face or who is of a small stature can look more like an angry goblin with such frames; lighter or frameless ones are better.

It’s also important to get the kind of lenses that are non-reflective. That way, even if you are facing the light your eyes will be visible through the lenses. Otherwise, all that will be seen of your eyes are two squares or ovals of light. No one will be able to see your expression properly.  And if you want to gain trust, people must be able to see your eyes.

Trust is one thing that must be established if you want clients or even good suppliers for your business. Allowing people to easily see your eyes and making eye contact with them is how to gain their trust. Naturally enough, you also have to offer a fair contract and be above board in all your dealings with them as well. But it is the eyes that will show whether you are a sincere and genuine person.

Crow’s feet or laughter lines are wrinkles that form at the outside point of the eyes. Many businesswomen decide to go for Botox injections to get rid of them, but in men, they don’t seem to be nearly as ageing. They can even give the appearance of good humour. It is more important for men to groom their eyebrows if they are long and shaggy, rather than worrying about a few wrinkles.