How to Avoid Keyword Research with Adwords

How to Avoid Keyword Research with Adwords

If you have little time and hate keyword research you’re in luck because Google has Adwords Express. These are automatically generated adwords campaigns that you don’t have to do very much research to get them up and going. However, you do have to have your website set up and bringing in at least some traffic to start with. So how does Adwords Express work?

Keywords for categories

All you need to do is tell Google what keyword or keyword phrase you want to use. It is usually a broad match keyword so that the keywords Google generates automatically have a good chance of being the ones that are suitable for your product. Google then observes search trends about this keyword and automatically sets up a campaign based on that information. This is ideal for a niche that is large as it can bring in many keywords that people use to search for the product or service. For instance, if you do website design, that would be your keyword and Google would use similar ones such as ‘top website design’ and ‘website design company’. It is very accurate for a broad genre.

However, if you want to advertise in a narrow niche, it doesn’t seem to be as accurate as it doesn’t worry about negative keywords. That is, those keywords that sound the same but have a different meaning.  So people may click on your ad and use your budget up for no results, as they were after something quite different.  This problem can be minimised by taking care with your headline.