7 Key Components Of An SEO Optimised Dental Website

7 Key Components Of An SEO Optimised Dental Website

If you are a dentist and your dental practice has its own website, have you ever stopped to ascertain if it is actually bringing you the number of new clients and patients that it should? No doubt you attract new clients from other sources such as personal recommendations, but, unless your website is ranked highly on search engines when someone locally is looking for a dentist, it is not providing you the benefits it should.

One way in which the ranking of your website can be improved is with search engine optimisation, or SEO, as it is more commonly referred to. SEO has many processes but one of its most important is to ensure that a website has all the elements it needs within its structure to help its search engine ranking.

Whilst there are SEO consultants and agencies that can do this work for you, it pays for you to at least have an understanding of what aspects of a website need to be optimised in order for its ranking to improve.

Taking this a stage further if you feel confident that you know your way around a website, many of these optimisation steps can be done by yourself but do tread carefully.

Whether you choose to bring in the experts, or want to try it yourself, here is a brief overview of 7 of the most components of an SEO optimised website. Some are quite technical, others rely more on common sense, but together they can boost your website’s SEO, enormously.