Web Design Trends to Boost Conversion

Web Design Trends to Boost Conversion

The web design is one of the most important things that will help you either build or deteriorate your business. Analysis has proven that your clients will determine the quality of your site just by taking a look at your website. These customers make up their mind just within a fraction of a second. You need to ensure that you have the right mix of the following components so that the users fall in love with your website. It is only due to proper designing of interior pages that will help you have better conversion rates.

7 Tips to boost your conversion rates from the experts at Cheap Web Design:

Full width Images

Analysis has proved that having a large width image will help your company have a better effect on the masses rather than small and clumsy images. It helps people to wait and take a look at the images and read. It is better to use happy people or use cinemagraphs to represent your layout. This will help people get more attracted to your website.

Split Screen

Your company may have multiple products to offer. You need to help your customers instantly on to the relevant page so that they do not get distracted or bored. For this purpose you can you can use the split screen layouts which basically splits the screen into a desired number of proportions to help target your audience.

Monochromatic Colors

You need to have monochromatic colors in your CTA (Call to Action) and it should definitely stand out from the rest. The CTA should be vivid on a neutral background or should be contrasting in nature. This will help catch attention of more people on the internet.

Prioritizing your Needs

You do not need your customers to have so many options to choose from that they cancel their plan to either subscribe or sign up with you. You need to attack them only with primary options that you would want them to convert to. You can do this by keeping all your secondary navigations to a different menu.


You need to make sure that you use videos for your company so that it makes the site more entertaining and it also has been proven to create a higher conversion rate. You need to use welcome videos, videos for testimonials as well as use product demos.

Prominent CTA

The CTA is one of the most important aspect of your page since the Call to Action is the one click that will get the customers to sign up. That is why you need to always include your CTA at the top end of the screen at all times or somewhere on the tool bar.


Your design should be out of the box and should instantly land the customer on your website. If you are out of ideas, you can use ideas from Pinterest so that you can get better viewership.

These are some of the most important trends to boost your conversion.