Hacking the SEO puzzle for SME’s

Hacking the SEO puzzle for SME’s

The days are gone when you have to pay lump sums of money for marketing your SME. There are a myriad ways to market your product online through the means of the SEO’s. Make sure that you use these new age tricks to help you business flourish. In this section we will take a look some of the SEO techniques that will help your SME thrive and you will not have to spend your life savings on these techniques.

SEO techniques for better SME marketing:

Getting hold of Influencers

Like the word suggests, influencers are people on the world wide web who have a command over the masses due to their profession, experience etc. If you want Influencers to invite or write up positively about your SME, you need to create alliances with them by:

  • Connecting a client and the influencer
  • Recommending a new website the influencer may be interested in.
  • Give honest and intelligent answers to their opinions so that you are in the limelight.
  • Share their ideas in your community
  • Help them in their problems which can be SEO or content related on their websites.

Affiliate Marketing

This is great way to get ahead of the market when you have lesser resources in your kitty. You can let others invest and market your product for you and give them a percentage of the profits. This is also an example of performance based marketing. There are many examples of websites like Hasoffers who will help you connect with the marketing agency who will market your product.

Use SEO techniques

Make sure that you use content marketing simultaneously with SEO techniques to gain maximum traffic onto your website.

Let us take a look at some of the important points you need to remember:

  • SEO techniques do not show immediate results. Make sure that you practice these techniques piously and the results will start emanating later on.
  • SEO techniques need to be rigorously updated because this is not a one- time thing. SEO techniques are updated by search engines regularly which imply that you need to abide by these algorithms for maximum benefit.
  • The core of a great SEO is good user experience. So at the end of the day you need to create the best user interface for the website along with features like mobile optimization and a good web design.

Writing a Guest Blog

Most of the guest blogs can be written only if you have quality content that you can contribute to the industry. So make sure that you sit down and pen your expertise which you can share with the guest blog owners. This way you can create a wide consumer database by tapping potential customers. Most of the guest blog owners will willingly let you post blogs on their sites if you can meet their specific requirements.

These are some of the cost efficient ways you can save money on marketing by adapting to these SEO technologies.