How to Get Better at Email Marketing

How to Get Better at Email Marketing

As a company, you will be sending important emails to your clients either for hooking them onto your product or to give them new insights into your product. Your email should be informative as well as it should follow a set of rules that have been proven to get people to convert faster. Since Email Marketing is such an integral part of marketing your product we have taken the liberty to help you get the best email marketing tips.

List of Email Marketing tips:

  • Your subject line should be short and sweet so that the people reading it do not get bored of the lengthy subject line you have written. Make sure that the subject line has a distinguished punch to it so that people feel more and more intrigued to open and read the email. The subject line should not have more than 50 characters.
  • Make sure that the users have the liberty to reply to your messages at all times. Having a ‘’ will not help your business grow. You need to understand that the customers need to talk about your product and ask queries to you regarding the subject. The above mentioned email addresses not only makes your company look non-responsive but it also reduces the percentage of your customers.
  • Make sure that you personalize the emails so that the person on the other end does not feel like he is talking to a robot. Use the names of the people you are referring the email. It is obvious someone loves to read his/her name at the beginning of an email.

  • Depending on the class of the viewer or the reader, you need to change the tone of the material. You cannot dive into the complexities of the matter with a person who has no prior experience in the field. Also you cannot talk the basics with a person who is well versed in the field.
  • Never try to lure the readers to open the emails with any kind of false promises. If the readers find about your ulterior motive they can unsubscribe you which will hurt your business irreparably. Never resort to such means to fool a customer into getting their attention. It would be better that a customer never opens your email rather than him unsubscribing to it.
  • Using text to make your readers quick to act is highly important for your business. That is why you need to use text like “only today”, “24 hour giveaway” etc. that will give them some food for thought. This will also have better conversion rates than most of the other techniques.
  • You need to clearly show the customers how they would benefit from reading your email. Make use of statements like “Get 50% off on our products” rather than using a statement like “get discounts on our products”. The first line shows a quantitative description of your product along with a qualitative one.

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