How Web Design Can Drive Your Marketing Strategy

How Web Design Can Drive Your Marketing Strategy

Statistics show that a visitor to any website makes up their minds about it within the first five seconds. Sometimes it takes even less time than that. If your website looks spammy or unprofessional, most visitors will not convert to customers. There are many ways to get traffic, but once it lands on your website, good web design can keep it there longer.

Excellent web design can convert that traffic to paying customers and even, to repeat customers. This is usually what a business website aims to do. Unfortunately, many fail miserably at this goal. There are many components of a website that can make it attractive to visitors and convert them to happy customers. Having a page that load quickly and contains all the visitor needs to know without allowing any distraction from the end goal can be considered a successful one, especially if that website contains everything necessary to keep the customer safe and provide for their needs.

Don’t throw your budget down the drain

Using a professional responsive website designer can be one way to ensure your business website is a success, but many people starting out are on a budget and try to do it all themselves. They are not likely to succeed unless they have some experience in design and website building. Unfortunately, businesspeople who are on a strict budget tend to choose cheap options with companies who offer a great deal but don’t come through with a great website.

This is a sad waste of the budget. It is far better to pay a little more and get a website designed to do what you want in the best way possible than to throw money down the drain. When you have a website that contains all you need, your marketing strategy will be more straightforward.

For instance, if your website contains those Share buttons from popular social media websites, it won’t take much for you to set up a Facebook community that are all eager to tell their friends how great your website and business  are.

Make your website mobile friendly  

A website that is mobile optimised will certainly help you market straight to people who spend time on their mobile device, be it phone or tablet. But an el cheapo designer is unlikely to do this. They may not even ask you exactly what your business needs and what your aims are for the website.

Not everyone wants to sell something from their website. Sometimes you just want visitors to sign up to a newsletter that you can use to warm them up to a sale or a certain action. When you are clear about your goals for your website, it will be easier for the designer to create one that fulfils those goals.

Remember that the screen of a mobile phone is really small and so the information that shows up on it has to really count, not waffle on about points that are not optimally important.

First impressions count

You only get one chance to make a good first impression with your website. If it has been well-designed, it will speak straight  to your target market in a way that they can understand and appreciate.  Remember, a website that attracts heaps of visitors who don’t convert is useless to your business. It may even put people off doing business with you because it will seem unprofessional.