On Page SEO Technique to Rank on First Page

On Page SEO Technique to Rank on First Page

Are you starting a new business and need to put your product as well as your website on the front page of the internet? You need to understand that product placement and product exposure is relevant if you want to create a great environment for your product. SEO techniques have helped websites in the past to push up the ranks of the websites among their competitors. These techniques that boost SEO are a set of algorithms that are developed to help your website make it to the top of the recommended searches so that your website can facilitate more traffic.

On Page and Off Page Optimization:

When it comes to SEO techniques for boosting the rank of your website, there are two major factors that play a decisive role in helping your site: On Page and Off Page optimization. In this section we will take a comprehensive look at the On page SEO optimization techniques that are essential. Let me make it clear that you should not get confused with the terms On Page and Onsite SEO optimization since they are not at all synonymous. In On page optimization, a target keyword is chosen and optimized which can include keyword placement, heading, quality of the content along with a list of other factors.

Need for On Page Optimization:

Have you ever posted something on the internet and yet not got the rank you would imagine to get? Well this is because you have not systematically engineered your content to imbibe SEO techniques. On page optimization will help you get the boost in rank you desire if the website makes proper use of the SEO techniques which are a set of algorithms. Nowadays, Google and other search engines also consider other scores like social media votes, links, domain authority as well as references along with On Page SEO score to list the order of the websites when a keyword is entered.

Tips and Tricks for On Page Optimization:

Blog Title

The title of the blog post is one of the most important things that will help traffic visit your page. You need to make the right amount of targeted keywords at the beginning of the title tag. Never repeat the keywords in the title tag and keep word count of the title up to 65 words.

Heading Tags

Make use of the heading tags like h2, h3 and h4 to highlight the headings in the title. Also never make the mistake to repeat h2 or h3 tags repeatedly since it is considered a bad practice and down rated.

Keyword Density

Make sure that you keep the keyword density to maximum limit of 1.5% along with the use of the LSI keywords. Use the main keyword once in the opening and the ending paragraph. Also use the italic and bold to highlight the important phrases in the section.

Adding Images

Images play a big role in optimization and it is of paramount importance to add images to the content since it will boost your blog along with attract more traffic from the internet.