5 Online Marketing Tactics For Home Security Businesses Part 1

5 Online Marketing Tactics For Home Security Businesses Part 1

If you own or manage a home security company, it is more than likely that you have a fair level of competition within your local catchment area. After all, home security is one of those industries which is evergreen so there is always a demand for it. It also benefits from advancements in technology, so new products regularly launch within the sector.

This creates a win double for home security companies, like Alarm Systems Perth, with lots of new potential customers and clients looking to have their first home security installed, coupled with existing customers who may be looking to upgrade or enhance their existing system.

However, where there are customers, sales, and profits to be made, there is also going to be other businesses competing for those very same customers, sales, and profits. The result, a thriving, but an incredibly competitive marketplace, and where there is competition, there are always going to be winners and losers.

Presumably, you want your home security business to be a winner, and one of the primary ways you can achieve that is to ensure that your online marketing activities are the right ones and that they are implemented effectively.

For most home security companies that operate at a local level, those activities are likely to be contracted out to a local marketing agency rather than in-house. That being said, there are some who undertake their own marketing, and to fair, some, though not all, do a decent job.

Whether you do your marketing yourself or do as most do, and pass it on to an agency who have experienced experts, it is important to know the core marketing activities that are the most likely to get the desired results.

So, for the main five tactics that should be at the top of your agenda if you wish to beat your home security business’s local competition, we are going to go through them in some detail.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

For anyone who is unsure exactly what PPC advertising is, it is the form of paid advertising where you pay anytime someone clicks on a link that appears in your advert.

Many business owners find it is more cost-effective, merely from the point of view that you only pay when someone takes an action that takes them closer to them being a customer, i.e. clicking that link.

Compare that to some offline paid advertising such as paying for a newspaper or billboard advertisement, where the fee has to be paid regardless of whether anyone sees your ad or takes any action as a result

For PPC to be effective, especially with regards to the costs, research needs to be carried out in a number of areas. These include which keywords the campaign is going to bid on, how much the bids should be, how competitive those keywords are, and the volume of searches that contain those keywords.

This is where PPC becomes a very -cost-effective option for smaller businesses with limited budgets because they can set up their PPC to suit. As a result, what they need to pay for their ads is pretty known in advance, and even if there were concerns about the amount, a budget cap can be put in place.

As the campaign progresses, the results and data can be analysed virtually every day, and as a result optimised on an ongoing basis to strive for lower click costs, whilst increasing the number of clicks and traffic to your website.

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