5 Online Marketing Tactics For Home Security Businesses Part 2

5 Online Marketing Tactics For Home Security Businesses Part 2

Social Media

Social media can mean different things to different people, and even within the world of business marketing, it is used in many different ways.

For example, within social media sites such as Facebook, you can implement a PPC campaign, of the type we mentioned in the previous section.

However, here we are not talking about paid ads, but rather using social media as a means to attract, communicate with, entertain, build relationships with, and connect with potential and existing customers.

The means we mention include creating content that you publish on your social media pages and accounts. That content can have a number of functions and take several forms.

It can be written text, images, videos, audio, infographics, and even live events as they happen. As for the purpose of these, it is limited only by your imagination or that of the agency you have employed to manage your social media.

Within the home security niche, you could:

  • Post an infographic on your Facebook page with security advice for homeowners when they go on vacation
  • Publish a video on YouTube with a review of the latest home security camera
  • Ensure your team has all their LinkedIn info up to date to highlight their experience and qualifications
  • Post a series of useful home security tips on Twitter

Every social media post or submission adds to your home security business’s online profile and helps you to connect with people who might otherwise not be aware of your website. In addition, each social media post or share could go viral, in which case hundreds, if not thousands, of potential local customers might see it.

Content Marketing

With content marketing, there can be a number of crossovers with your social media marketing, and on occasion, some of the content you create may actually be used on your social media sites.

One significant way that content marketing is different, is that the content created tends to be used on online properties that your home security business owns, such as your main website or blog. Because you own them, you are not restricted in terms of size or word counts, which is the case on some social media sites such as Twitter.

Content marketing can be used to give visitors to your website more comprehensive information and advice. You can create articles and blog post which provide detailed ways to use infrared sensors, for example, or advice on how to secure properties such as garages, sheds, and workshops.

This content isn’t going to immediately see a huge spike in sales when published, but it will be seen and read by those landing on your website, and, assuming it is quality information, they will remember your business more readily than a competitor whose website has little or no content.

The other aspect of content is it is a great way to cement your reputation, your knowledge, and your experience in a potential customer’s mind, versus one of your competitors.


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